NMMA Hall of Fame Award

The National Marine Manufacturers Association Hall of Fame was established in 1988 to recognize and honor individuals whose names and deeds are synonymous with the pursuit of quality, innovation, and perfection within their sphere of expertise; and those who have made or continue to make substantial and lasting contributions toward the advancement of the marine industry. Excellence in the areas of product development, competitive activities, environmental protection, legislative support, and arts and entertainment can be considered for the award. It is NMMA’s most prestigious recognition.
To learn about past NMMA Hall of Fame Recipients, please visit the link below

2012: Phil Dyskow

Phil Dyskow

2011: Robert Deputy

Robert Deputy

2007: Richard Bertram, Bertram Yachts and Paul Kuck, Regal Marine

Paul Kuck
Richard Bertram

2006: Johnny Morris, Founder of Bass Pro Shops

Johnny Morris

2004: Dick Rowe, CEO of Indmar Products

Dick Rowe, CEO of Indmar Products

2003: Bob and Bill Healey, Viking Yachts and Jeff Napier, NMMA

Bob and Bill Healey
Jeff Napier

2002: Eddie Smith, Grady-White

Eddie Smith

2001: Pack St. Clair

Pack St. Clair

2000: Don Rocheleau

Don Rocheleau, 1933–2009

1999: Leon Slikkers

Leon Slikkers

1998: Robert Hammond

Robert Hammond

1997: Charles A. Jones

Charles A. Jones, 1927–1996

1996: Jack B. Hargrave and Richard T. Fisher

Jack B. Hargrave, 1922–1996
Richard T. Fisher, 1914–1995

1995: John F. Morse, Jr. and Sylvan “Ham” Hamberger

John F. Morse, Jr., 1905–1994
Sylvan “Ham” Hamberger

1994: Forrest Wood and John Rybovich

Forrest Wood
John Rybovich, 1913–1993

1993: Hobie Alter and J. Orin Edson

Hobie Alter
J. Orin Edson

1992: C. Raymond Hunt and The Thompsons

C. Raymond Hunt, 1908–1978
The Thompsons

1991: Olin Stephens II and the Rosenfelds

Olin Stephens II
The Rosenfelds

1990: Charles D. Strang and Nathanael G. Herreshoff

Charles D. Strang
Nathanael G. Herreshoff, 1848–1938

1989: Alan J. Freedman, George M. Good, James R. Wynne, Ralph S. Evinrude and William Edward Muncey

Alan J. Freedman, 1923–1982
George M. Good, 1904–2000
James R. Wynne, 1929–1990
Ralph S. Evinrude, 1907–1986
William Edward Muncey, 1928–1981

1988: Elmer Carl Kiekhaefer, Charles Frederic Chapman, Garfield Arthur Wood, Ole Evinrude and Christopher Columbus Smith

Charles Frederic Chapman, 1881–1976
Christopher Columbus Smith, 1861–1939
Elmer Carl Kiekhaefer, 1906–1983
Garfield Arthur Wood, 1880–1971
Ole Evinrude, 1877–1934