Engine Manufacturers Division (EMD)

EMD members range from the industry-recognized outboard engine manufacturers, to inboard diesel producers to new organizations building propane trolling motors. EMD members are vested in the success of the association’s effort to protect and grow recreational boating through public policy advocacy and industry-focused growth initiatives.


Some of the benefits you will enjoy as an NMMA member are:

  • Member discounts ranging between 5% and 29% on NMMA boat and sport shows and IBEX  booth space rates.
  • Free access to marine market research and statistics publications including the U.S. Recreational Boating Statistical Abstract, which retails to non-members for $4,199.
  • Exclusive access to the Marine Industry Retirement Plan, a multiple employer 401(k), cuts administrative expenses, lowers employer and participant fees and offers flexible plans.
  • Member only newsletters, advocacy updates, trade and tariff alerts and economic and industry news to help members monitor the marine marketplace and make informed business decisions.
  • Learn about all the member resources and ROI by visiting our member benefits page.


To join NMMA’s Engine Manufacturer Division (EMD) a business must manufacture marine propulsion engines that demonstrate compliance with EPA regulations.

EMD applicants outside North America must have a business presence in North America operating as a legally authorized sales office, importer, division, etc. Without a business presence in North America, an application for NMMA membership will not be considered.


Engine Manufacturer Division (EMD) dues are based on the total North American marine sales for your company’s most recently completed fiscal year. CLICK HERE to view the EMD Dues Schedule or reference Section III (page 2) on the membership application.

EMD Membership is also contingent on continued support of the Grow Boating and Core Funding membership participation fees. These funding tools require all EMD members to pay a per-engine fee based on the horsepower of engines sold and is billed separately.


Grow Boating is the primary funding tool which requires all engine manufacturer members to pay an assessment on loose engines sold to dealers. The per engine fee ranges between $4.50 to a maximum of $50 for engines over 200hp with a two engine limit.

The Grow Boating / Discover Boating program is a comprehensive national advertising and public relations campaign focused on getting more people on the water, attracting new demographics and younger first time boat buyers. By the end of 2024, the average age of a boat owner will be 60. In 2018, first time boat buyers made up 32% of all buyers which is down from 42% in 2000 – these are two trends the industry must reverse.


Core Funding helps to fund NMMA core activities on behalf of recreational boating industry, including government relations and advocacy, certification, industry research and statistics, export promotion and industry communications and economic news.

  • A $5 per engine assessment on all engines sold less than 50 hp.
  • A $10 per engine assessment on all engines sold of 50 hp.
  • Payments to NMMA will be made quarterly within 15 days of the end of each quarter.

For any questions on the Grow Boating or Core Funding, please contact Rachel Winter, Program Manager, Grow Boating, or Freya Olsen, Director, Grow Boating.


To join NMMA Membership, complete the membership application and click the submit button on the last page, scan and email a copy to Bryan Welsh, Director, Member Services, or fax to 312.946.0401. Once the document is submitted, you will receive a confirmation email and the formal approval process will begin immediately.