NMMA owner's manuals are comprehensive, yet simpe to understand publications, written to help your customer, the recreational boater, operate your craft with safety and pleasure. They contain details of the craft; typical equipment supplied or fitted to its systems; and information on its operation and maintenance. We recommend that the craft owners read the manual carefully, and familiarize themselves with the craft before using it.

NMMA owner’s manuals include sections on Safety, Navigation, Environmental Considerations, Emergency Procedures, Seaworthiness/Operational Inspection, Operation, Maintenance, Systems, and Trailering.

The manuals are available for four classes of boats:

  • Runabouts (Propeller & Jet Drives) (Product Code: OMRUNABT)
  • Fishing & Skiing (Product Code: OMFISH)
  • Sportfish/Cruiser/Yachts (Product Code: OMSPORT)
  • Pontoon/Deck Style (Product Code: OMPONTOON) 

A Translation Insert is also available that has important sections from the NMMA Owner's Manual translated into French, German, Italian and Spanish, all in one supplement. (Product Code: OMINSRTMULT)

Single copies of the owners manuals are available at a cost of $5.50 plus S&H. 

Translation Inserts are $3.50 each plus S&H.

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