U.S. Statistical AbstractNEW Format: NMMA U.S. Statistical Abstract now available by section with more timely data!

NMMA's 2015 U.S. Recreational Boating Statistical Abstract will now be broken out into sections with each section released individually as the statistics are available, making this critical industry data much more timely and valuable.


Published annually, the U.S. Recreational Boating Statistical Abstract is the marine industry’s most complete collection of facts and figures. 

2016 Release Schedule

In addition to the annual compilation report, the sections will be broken out and released as standalone reports according to the timeline below.

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Outboard Engine Sales Trends: Sales trends by horsepower, top states, and more Download Here.

Sailboat Sales Trends: Sailboat production and retail sales by size and more Download Here.


Pre-Owned Boat Market: Pre-owned boat sales by segment and size Download Here.

International Exports/Imports: U.S. trade in recreational boats and marine engines by segment and world regions Download Here.


Cruiser, Watersport, and Off-shore Fishing Boat Sales Trends: Retail sales trends for activity specific boats Download Here.

Powerboat Sales Trends: Comprehensive historical retail sales data by segment Download Here. 

Total Industry Sales By Category and State: Resource to identify total industry revenue and more


Total Boat Registrations: Tool to quantify market potential (units) and more


Full Report: Executive summary and comprehensive findings

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