Discover Boating’s National Ad Campaign Sends More Shoppers to Manufacturer Websites in 2016

Discover Boating’s 2016 national media buy ran from April through September, generating more than 3 million web visits to brand websites as part of its website referral program, helping bring new people into boating.
A website referral is someone coming to a website, from another website, to shop and/or find more information about a product or brand.  If you’d like to learn more about website referrals and how to view where your website traffic is coming from, watch this short video housed on the homepage of HERE.  
Here’s a snapshot of the 2016 Discover Boating national media buy accomplishments that most affect you and your business:
  • Overall referrals: 3.2 million referrals: up 7% from last year
  • Referrals to Certified dealers: 149,000 referrals to Certified dealers: up 4% from last year
  •  Referrals to “Get on the Water” tool participants: 32,000 referrals to boat clubs, rentals, peer to peer and other resources
  •  Referrals/clicks to accessory manufacturers: Over 69,000 clicks to the accessory tool on
  • Boating magazine sign ups/leads from 1,700 leads for magazines – people that signed up on website for various consumer magazines
A study conducted by Discover Boating, consisting of a control group of manufacturers representing approximately 300,000 website referrals, used Google Analytics to analyze total traffic to brands’ websites against referral traffic from Discover Boating. The analysis showed that Discover Boating referrals conducted more dealer searches than the brands’ overall website traffic (5.8% vs. 4.8%) and Discover Boating referrals requested more brochures than the brands’ overall traffic (.36% vs .27%). To learn more about referrals and this study, click HERE.
These results showcase how Discover Boating is addressing the needs of consumers at various stages of the purchase funnel from consumers looking to try boating for the first time to consumers researching and ready to buy a boat.
To learn more about Discover Boating’s advertising campaign please contact Armida Markarova at [email protected].