To help NMMA certified boat and yacht manufacturers identify and use equipment that meets the applicable American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC) standards and the U.S. Coast Guard regulations, NMMA requires that certain components be NMMA Type Accepted when used on NMMA Certified boats and yachts.

To become Type Accepted, a component manufacturer must submit comprehensive test reports demonstrating compliance to the respective ABYC standards, along with the annual agreement and fee to NMMA. Component testing may be conducted at qualified independent laboratories, or in-house testing facilities.

Note: NMMA does not accept CE Certification or test results to any standards other than ABYC.

The Type Accepted component categories are listed below. 


  • Bilge Blowers Bilge Blowers
  • Bilge Pumps Bilge Pumps
  • Fuel Hoses Fuel Hoses
  • Fuel Tanks Fuel Tanks
  • Horns Horns
  • Navigation Lights Navigation Lights
  • Steering Helms Steering Helms
  • Steering Wheels Steering Wheels

*The Type Accepted list is updated regularly, and published nightly for the mandatory use of all NMMA Certified Boat and Yacht manufacturers when applying for NMMA Boat and Yacht Certification.