IBEX Innovation Awards

The Innovation Awards program presented at the International Boatbuilders' Exhibition and Conference (IBEX) honors manufacturers and suppliers who bring new, innovative products for the boating industry to market. The IBEX program offers fourteen product categories for entry. Complete details can be reviewed on the program webpage.

Product Categories

  • Boat Care and Maintenance (coatings, chemicals, paints, finishes, additives, oils and tools)
  • Boatbuilding Methods and Materials (techniques and equipment to build boats)
  • Boatyard and Marina Hardware and Software (yard installed boat lifts, cranes, docks, marina equipment and software-management programs, inventory and job flow software, etc.)
  • Deck Equipment and Hardware (rigging, rope, docking and anchoring equipment, stainless work, mooring gear, boat covers, canvas work, T-tops/arches, exterior and underwater lighting, etc.)
  • Electric Motor/ Battery Powered Propulsion/ Hybrids ( trolling motors)
  • Electrical Systems (AC/DC onboard and shore power systems, batteries, control apparatus, battery management tools, charger, etc.)
  • Entertainment (audio and video)
  • Furnishings and Interior Parts (appliances, furniture, textiles, interior systems, galley, interior lighting)
  • Mechanical Systems (air conditioning, heating, plumbing, ventilation, pumps, tanks and fuel systems, stabilization systems, etc.)
  • OEM Electronics (navigational, onboard systems, instrumentation, sonar, software)
  • Propulsion Parts, Propellers ( engine equipmenet and gauges, trim tabs, engine maintenance, steering systems)
  • Safety Equipment
Innovation Awards Archive

2023 Innovation Award Recipients
Boat Care and Maintenance

Seascour by PowerTech!/Hendry

Judge Julia Carleton said, “Seascour combats scale and barnacles at the chemical level by breaking down the calcium bonds using an organic, non-corrosive solution. From flushing heat exchangers to cleaning hulls, the environmental benefits are far-reaching.”

Honorable Mention: Hempel Silic One by Seawide Distribution

Boatbuilding Methods and Materials

Infinity Grip, Infinity Luxury Woven Vinyl

Judge Andy Adams said, “Infinity Luxury woven flooring with self-adhesive backing delivers significant labor and cost savings. Installation is simple and best of all requires no mess.”

Shaped Foam Kit, beSpline

Judge Tim Murphy said, “One of the longstanding problems in composite boat building is how to turn flat foam panels into the complex curves of a boat hull or deck. beSpline’s new North American facility uses heat to ‘thermoform’ flat panels into complex curves, omitting kerfs, that are delivered to boatbuilders in kit form. The result is lighter, stronger, higher-quality boat structures.”

Boatyard and Marina Hardware and Software

Voltsafe Marine

Judge Ed Sherman noted, “Voltsafe is the future of dockside shorepower systems for marinas and boats. It revolutionizes shore power connectivity by addressing critical drawbacks of traditional methods.”

Honorable Mention: Sunstream Power System (SPS) by Sunstream Boat Lifts

Deck Equipment and Hardware

Lewmar® Venta™ Pontoon Winch

Judge Steve Davis observed, “The underdeck pontoon winch is completely waterproof and stays clear of passengers on deck. The unit slides into a mount so the winch is easily installed and removed as seasons change, and the spring-loaded roller keeps the anchor under the deck until deployed or retrieved.”

Electric Motor/ Battery Powered Propulsion/ Hybrids

TEMO 450

Judge Steve Davis noted, “The simple, lightweight design of the Temo 450 electric motor is an innovative way to power small boats and dinghies. The tubular design with built-in motor and battery is waterproof, simple, efficient, and easy to mount and operate.”

Electrical Systems

ARCO's Zeus High Energy Alternator Regulator, ARCO Marine

Judge Ben Stein stated, “Arco’s Zeus answers the call for advanced alternator regulation aboard today’s boats and their increasingly complex DC power systems. With connectivity capabilities not previously seen in an alternator regulator, Zeus delivers the configuration, insight, and diagnostics needed for advanced, high-output 12-, 24-, and 48-volt systems.”

Honorable Mention: Mastervolt Mac Plus 48V by Navico Group


HTX 8H S-FL-G, Hertz Marine/Audison Marine

Judge Ryan Gullang observed, “Thanks to Hertz’s novel approach to horn design, the HTX 8H S-FL-G tower speakers delivers crystal-clear audio well outside the wake.”

Furnishings and Interior Parts

Roswell Marine Auto-Rolling Fabric System

Judge Tim Murphy said, “Roswell Marine uses the magic of slap bracelets to solve a longstanding problem in marine canvas – how to roll sections of biminis or dodgers when they’re opened up. With Roswell’s Auto Rolling Fabric System, boaters simply unzip sections of the canvas, and it automatically rolls out of the way – no snaps, no Velcro.”

Mechanical Systems

Scanstrut ATMOS 12V Integrated Airstation

Judge Ryan Gullang noted, “Scanstrut’s ATMOS 12-volt Integrated Airstation is an elegant and effective solution to the relative drudgery of inflating water toys.”

OEM Electronics

GPSMAP® 9227 with Garmin BlueNet™, Garmin

Judge Ben Stein said, “The GPSMap 9227 is a quantum leap forward for marine navigation electronics. 4K resolution on its large display means more information at the operators’ fingertips. Plus, dramatically faster processors and gigabit Ethernet ensure nearly instant response.”

Honorable Mention: Murano Multifunction Display by Syntec Industries

Propulsion Parts, Propellers

Joystick Driving, Volvo Penta

Judge Steve Davis noted, “Joystick control has been around, but primarily used for docking, and Volvo Penta has taken to new heights with the innovative ability to drive the boat without touching the steering wheel. The system integrates shifting, steering, and throttle and easily installs into the driver’s armrest for ergonomic driving and comfort.”

Safety Equipment


Judge Ed Sherman said, “The float/sensor technology of the WIF-Pro offers outboard boat owners a safety feature when out at sea through a fuel filter system with an externally mounted sensor ring that detects and alarms the captain when five ounces of water gets in the fuel system. Once the filter bowl is drained, the system clears and you’re back underway.”