Wake surfingWake surfing has soared in popularity, bringing families and those of all ages together on the water, in addition to opening the door for more first-time boat owners to experience the joy of time spent on our nation’s waterways.

As interest in towed water sports grows, it’s imperative communities across the states allow for fair boating access to all those who wish to enjoy our waterways. A team of respected researchers published a study analyzing wave heights produced from wake surfing, as well as any potential impact on shorelines.

What did they find? Watch this short video:



Key Findings From the Study
  • Wave impacts from wake surfing are inconsequential on shorelines when done at a distance of at least 200 feet from shore and in water 10 feet deep.
  • Wakes created by wake surf boats dissipate faster than typical boat wakes.
  • Boat wakes increase the amount of oxygen in the water which is beneficial for aquatic ecosystems.
Top Policy Priorities
  • Work alongside industry partners and state legislators to enact policies and legislation based on consistent data for responsible wake surfing practices, balancing all users’ access to the water, and boosting local economies and small businesses.
  • Build a responsible community of water sport enthusiasts to support fair access for all boaters.


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