National Database of Vessel Information

 In 2012, a partnership of NMMA and the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) established a national database of vessel information, that in August, NMMA and NICB agreed to a joint endeavor whereby NMMA members would voluntarily supply vessel information to NICB to establish a comprehensive database.  This boat manufacturing data was to be used by law enforcement, the insurance industry, and the Coast Guard to assist in vessel identification, the recovery of stolen vessels, crime deterrence and accident investigation.

 This program was developed in response to the Coast Guard’s attempt to increase the HIN to 17 characters, which the marine industry opposed because of the additional costs it would impose.  The NICB boat database contains vital information that would have been included in a 17-character HIN.


The terms of the NMMA/NICB/USCG agreement requires full participation of boat manufacturers to ensure the database’s effectiveness.  Because of the importance of this program and the driving goals of NICB and the CG in this area, participation in the NICB reporting program is now required as part of NMMA Boat and Yacht Certification.


The NICB database system allows law enforcement officers in the field to query the database and quickly find information about vessels.  NICB will maintain the system, ensuring only appropriate investigative staff can access it, and in the case of prosecution, provide witnesses and affidavits for the court.  This service will relieve a manufacturer from providing testimony in such a case.  Participation in this program serves the entire recreational boating industry.


To learn more information about NICB and to sign up for the program, please contact NICB at [email protected]. For additional questions contact Melissa Taylor with NMMA at [email protected].