The NMMA federal government relations department is the hub for the association’s advocacy work in Washington, D.C., working to educate members of Congress, regulators, and the administration about the recreational boating industry and its policy priorities.

NMMA’s Federal Policy Agenda

Policy Brochure

Learn about the issues impacting the recreational boating industry

Federal Policy Tracker

Learn about the legislation impacting the boating industry at the Federal level

Key Federal Policy Issues

Vessel Speed Regulations

Fair access to our nation’s public waters is imperative for the recreational boating industry.

Conservation & Environment

Recreational boaters and anglers are the nation's original conservationists.

Recreation Access & Infrastructure

Outdoor recreation is 1.8 percent of U.S. GDP - fixing recreation infrastructure is critical.

Recreational Fishing

Recreational anglers make a combined economic contribution of $115 billion annually, supporting 828,000 American jobs.


From raw materials, to components and exports, the recreational boating industry is being impacted by trade disputes on multiple fronts.

American Manufacturing

Marine manufacturing businesses need reasonable and responsible economic policies to recover, grow, and create good paying jobs.

21st Century Regulations

Modern regulations and compliance measures are essential to keeping boaters safe and the marine manufacturing industry strong.


We believe education is the best way to improve boating safety.

Environmental Compliance

The recreational boating industry is a leading advocate for our environment.