With the widespread introduction of the four-stroke outboard engine technology, NMMA considered it necessary to develop a marine engine oil category specifically for marine four-stroke engines. With all of the major outboard engine manufacturers producing four-stroke outboards to further reduce emissions and increase fuel economy, the need for oil specifically designed for the unique marine environment became necessary.

Working with the NMMA, industry leaders in lubrication technology developed testing criteria for this marine four-stroke oil. These criteria include bench tests for viscosity, corrosion, filter plugging, foaming and aeration. In addition, the oil must successfully pass a 100-hour general performance engine test.

Once an oil has been tested by a sanctioned test laboratory, NMMA will issue a license for the oil’s formulation and registers approved brands.

FC-W® lubricants have demonstrated the necessary performance and quality needed in today’s high performance four-stroke marine engines. The next time you are purchasing four-stroke oil for your marine engine, look for the FC-W® trademark.


For more information regarding oil certification, contact:

Tom Marhevko
International and Oil Certification Consultant

2019 FC-W® Registered Four-Stroke-Cycle Marine Oils List


Lubrax Nautica Tecno SAE 25W-40
Petrobras Distribuidora S.A.
Wave Rider S Outboard 10W-40
Bahrain Petroleum Company
Marine Outboard Four-Stroke Oil 10W-40
Penrite Oil Company
Marine Inboard Four-Stroke Oil 25W-40
Penrite Oil Company
Tohatsu Premium Four-Stroke Oil
Tohatsu America Corporation
Liqui Moly Marine 4T Motor Oil SAE 10W-30
Liqui Moly GmbH
Liqui Moly Marine 4T Motor Oil SAE 25W-40
Liqui Moly GmbH
Gulf Pride 4004, SAE 10W-40
Gulf Oil International
Nautic 4T SAE 10W-30
Comercial Roshfrans, S.A. de C.V.
Nautic 4T 25W-40
Comercial Roshfrans, S.A. de C.V.