Recreational Boating Industry Supports Free & Fair Trade

Marine manufacturers rely on free and fair trade, global supply chains, and a stable business environment to remain competitive. The total value of recreational boats and engines exported from the U.S. in 2019: $1.7 billion.

Section 301 tariffs on imports from China have impacted more than 300 commonly used components, materials, and parts, costing the industry millions of dollars in new taxes since 2018.

The Biden administration recently reached an agreement with its European and United Kingdom counterparts to eliminate the 25% retaliatory tariff on American-made boats entering these trade blocs, leveling the playing field for America’s boat builders.


Key Facts
in Annual Boat and Engine Exports
Additional Tax Paid by Manufacturers Due to Tariffs
Tariffs on 300+ Marine Products from China



Recreational Boating Industry’s Top Policy Priorities
  • Strike a comprehensive agreement with China that eliminates Section 301 tariffs and protects American businesses
  • Reopen and bolster the exclusion process for Section 301 tariffs