SOBA’s mission is to encourage, promote and support federal and state programs that provide safe, high-quality and environmentally sound recreational boat access to the waterways of the United States and its territories.

SOBA is a nonprofit organization devoted to the acquisition, development and administration of public recreational boating facilities nationwide. It serves as a forum for the exchange of views, ideas, and experiences that will foster private, interstate, and federal-state cooperation in boating facility design, construction, and financing.

Drawing from the nationwide experience of its membership, SOBA also provides a problem-solving forum for the exchange of information and ideas relating to all aspects of recreational boating facilities. To that end, SOBA has held an annual conference since 1986 to bring together the leading individuals and experts working to improve boating access. Conference participants come from all 50 states as well as U.S. Territories.

SOBA is an independent association and a close strategic partner of the NMMA. NMMA handles the daily management functions of the association.

MEMBERSHIP: SOBA’s membership is made up of state and territorial agencies, boating organizations, consulting firms and private corporations. Separate membership fees apply.

For more information about SOBA visit their website at www.sobaus.org