Key House Committee Holds Ethanol Hearing

The House Energy and Commerce Committee held a hearing last week on the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) implementation issues. This is the committee of jurisdiction for any legislative action affecting the ethanol mandate, and marked the first time the committee held a hearing on the topic this Congress. Witnesses testifying included top representatives from the EPA and EIA, along with industry stakeholders, including representatives from our Smarter Fuel Future coalition.

The hearing was largely a fact-finding exercise, but NMMA was pleased to see Democrats and Republicans on the committee argue in favor of fixing the RFS. Congressman Welch (D-VT) spoke at length about the problems he and his constituents face with engine damage, and even brought in damaged carburetors to show to his colleagues. Congressman Flores (R-TX) and others harped on the EPA’s proposed action to decimate the supply of ethanol free gasoline, and the effect that will have on our industry.  Flores and Welch have joined, with fifty of their colleagues, in championing H.R. 5180—the Food and Fuel Consumer Protection Act—which NMMA and our coalition has enthusiastically endorsed. Legislative action remains the best solution to the RFS, and NMMA continues to call on Congress to fix this broken law.