Discover Boating Partners with Black Boaters Summit to Celebrate Diversity and Unity on the Water

The inaugural Black Boaters Summit, which took place June 18-19 at 31st Harbor in Chicago, brought together boating enthusiasts, industry leaders, and advocates for an event celebrating diversity, inclusion, and excellence on the water. Discover Boating, powered by MRAA and NMMA, partnered with the Summit to help promote diversity, representation and equal opportunities within the boating industry.

"We are excited to support the Black Boaters Summit and help foster a more inclusive boating community," said Kevin Williams, vice president of North American marketing at NMMA. "This partnership is a testament to our shared belief in the transformative power of boating and the importance of diversity in outdoor recreational activities."

The Summit provided a platform for networking, education, and celebration of the boating achievements and experiences of Black individuals. Discover Boating was actively involved and offered valuable resources, educational materials, and expert insights to attendees.

Summit attendees engaged with speakers, industry experts, and influential figures. The lineup included boating expert, Bashon Mann, who hosted an "Ask Me Anything" session, addressing boating insights gained from years of experience on the water.