ICYMI: Boat Finder Connecting Thousands of Consumers to Boat Show Exhibitors, Brands

Returning in its second year to support Discover Boating boat show exhibitors, Boat Finder continued its momentum in creating a more seamless experience for people researching boats, introducing more than 120,000 consumers to a multitude of boat brands directly through the platform.




Here’s a complete snapshot of 2024 Boat Finder performance:

  • Over 3 million boat card models displayed on visitors’ screens
  • 33,000 boat card models opened to view more details
  • 13,000 introductions (direct referrals) sent from Boat Finder to brand and exhibitor websites
  • 66,000 engagements with the search filters to help navigate and narrow down boat models
    • Most popular filters were searching by Length, Boat Type and Price
    • Most popular Boat Types searched were Pontoons, Center Consoles, Cabin Cruisers, All Purpose Fishing Boats and Bowriders
  • Over 10,000 calculations using Boat Finder’s Boat Loan Calculator tool

Similar to an e-commerce or online buying experience, Discover Boating’s Boat Finder showcases boats from participating brands exclusively on Discover Boating boat show websites, making it easy to connect attendees directly with exhibitors. Users can browse the inventory of new model year boats and filter by boat type, price, length, NMMA Certified, and more. Here’s an example of a live version of Boat Finder.

Given the program’s success, an evolution for Boat Finder will be announced in the coming weeks, enabling it to reach even more consumers. For questions on how to get your boats listed on Boat Finder, please reach out to [email protected].