NMMA Joins eFuel Alliance

This week, The National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA), became the newest member of the eFuel Alliance. The eFuel Alliance stands for fair competition and equal competitive condition for all relevant emission reduction solutions and aims to create the conditions for the industrial production and widespread use of CO2-neutral fuels from renewable sources of energy.

“The eFuels Alliance brings much-needed focus to one of the most pragmatic and meaningful ways to continue to reduce emissions from the existing recreational boat fleet, and we’re excited to collaborate with other industries and participate in important discussions on bringing myriad sustainable fuel options to the market,” said Jeff Wasil, Senior Director of Environmental Health and Safety at the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA). “Recreational boats operate very differently from land-based vehicles and require multiple technology solutions to decarbonize. With approximately 30-million recreational boats in operation globally, sustainable marine fuels, including the development of e-fuels, are essential to further reduce emissions from our sector. As we chart the course for continued decarbonization in the marine industry, we are looking forward to bringing our industry’s research and experience to the eFuels Alliance and are thrilled about the opportunity to learn from the accomplishments achieved thus far within Europe by the alliance and how they may apply in United States.”

As part of the transport sector, while recreational boats are used for leisure, similar to other sectors, they are faced with the challenge of becoming carbon neutral in the coming decades. Different ecosystems, boat types and applications require a diverse technology portfolio to reduce CO2 emissions sustainably.

"As a drop-in solution, climate-friendly liquid marine fuels will make a valuable contribution to reducing CO2 emissions from sports and leisure boats in the coming years. The relatively small market offers optimal conditions for acting as a first mover," says Ralf Diemer, CEO of the eFuel Alliance. "The exchange between the eFuel Alliance and the NMMA therefore offers great added value for the respective members. Together with the NMMA, we will align the interests of European and North American companies, network producers and customers, intensify dialogue and think about sustainability in a broader context," explains Diemer. "With numerous countries focused on sustainability, including the U.S., the use and availability of competitive solutions are therefore becoming increasingly relevant."

For more information or questions regarding boating technology, alternative fuels, or electrification, contact NMMA’s Senior Director of Environment, Health and Safety Compliance, Jeff Wasil at [email protected].

Read the full press release here.