Boat Finder Enhanced Boat Cards Offer More Customization Options

We know prospective boaters want to see ALL the latest boat models in one place, at any given time, to enhance their boat show experience. It’s this knowledge that informed the creation of the Boat Finder, which launched as a beta in 2022, and will launch at all Discover Boating boat and sport shows in 2023, starting with the Nashville Boat Show on January 5.

The new digital platform empowers customers to begin their boat shopping process weeks ahead of the shows and is a powerful value-added tool for both members and consumers.

“Boat Finder reduces customer effort. It makes boat buying much easier and more accessible, especially to newer customers. On one single, simple platform, a buyer can explore which brands and models are right for them and narrow their search from over 2,000 possible new boat models down to a shortlist of favorites that fit exactly what they want to buy,” stated Alisdair Martin, vice president of strategy and sales with NMMA.

In many cases, where brands have chosen to upgrade to ‘enhanced boat cards’, customers can watch videos, view up to twenty images of the boat, easily access the brand website to explore customization options, find the location of the boat at the show and make appointments directly with local dealers. Enhanced Boat Cards always appear at the top of the search so the buyer will see those first. A detailed analytics report will share all the results at the end of the show season.To learn about a new flat-fee to upgrade all your boat cards contact [email protected]

To appear in Boat Finder, boat model data must have been uploaded to our portal. If you are unsure whether your boats have been uploaded, please immediately email [email protected] to check