Discover Boating's Social Influencer Partners Engage, Inspire Through Storytelling

Discover Boating, powered by NMMA and MRAA, has been amplifying the storytelling power of social content creators throughout summer to engage the next generation of boaters and inspire young, diverse audiences to experience life on the water.

From Instagram to TikTok – where the brand’s target audiences consume their social media content – Discover Boating has appeared in the feeds of millions of users, generating nearly 20 million impressions and more than one million interactions (likes, comments, shares, sticker taps, etc.), an indication that the personal boating experiences that influencers share are resonating with their followers.

Discover Boating’s influencer partners include a diverse mix of partners from all different backgrounds (age, ethnicity, location, marital status, etc.) and generated a variety of content in terms of activities, boat types and bodies of water (watersports, fishing, cruising, sailing). Not only do these partnerships help drive consumer awareness and consideration of recreational boating, but they also help increase website traffic by including an easy call-to-action that links to Additionally, Discover Boating’s Instagram channel gained more than 900 new followers in just three months, and the spikes in followers correlate with the dates when influencers posted, which signals success in sparking interest among new audiences.

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If you have questions regarding Discover Boating's influencer partnership program, please contact NMMA's Maggie Maskery at [email protected].