US Fish & Wildlife Service restores access to popular boating area on Lake Havasu

A public backlash that forced the US Fish and Wildlife Service to withdraw its plans to restrict boating access in the Lake Havasu National Wildlife Refuge was followed up this week with a resumption of access to a popular ½ mile-long boating area that was closed in the spring of 2015. The change followed strong opposition from U.S. Rep. Paul Gosar, Senators John McCain and Jeff Flake and more than 1,000 boaters, residents, city officials and businessmen to a number of proposed restrictions.

The US Fish and Wildlife Service also announced that Richard (Richie) Meyers, who has years of experience in collaborative Refuge management, will become the new Havasu manager this month.

Havasu National Wildlife Refuge will continue to work with the community and stakeholders to engage them in the development of a draft recreational boating Compatibility Determination (CD) that balances resource conservation with recreational opportunities. The draft CD will be available for public comment within the year.

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