EPA Increases Final 2017 Ethanol Volume Mandates

Last Wednesday, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reversed course from its initial proposal and acted to increase the mandated ethanol volumes for 2017. Its decision to finalize the 2017 Renewable Volume Obligations (RVO), as part of the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) program, increases the amount of ethanol in our fuel supply to record levels and puts boaters at a significant risk of misfueling. NMMA’s Thom Dammrich issued a statement, which was included in the comprehensive Smarter Fuel Future coalition release:

“Today’s decision by the EPA directly threatens the safety of millions of American boaters. EPA ignored the overwhelming evidence presented by the boating industry in its decision to increase the 2017 ethanol mandate to record highs. EPA’s misguided decision not only denies the public choice at the pump to purchase ethanol free fuels, but they are now increasing the spread of a dangerous, prohibited fuel blend that will cause damage to marine engines and raises serious safety concerns. It’s clear that the EPA has failed in its duty—now more than ever NMMA urges the new Congress and the Trump Administration to work together to deliver actual reforms that fix this broken law and protects the millions of American boaters.”

In light of last week’s decision, it is clear that the RFS is broken. NMMA will be actively working with the next Congress and Trump Administration to deliver a reformed, workable RFS. To learn more about the decision and/or NMMA’s efforts to reform the RFS, please contact Michael Lewan at [email protected].