2016 Discover Boating PR Reaches More Potential U.S. Boaters

Discover Boating’s 2016 PR program generated more than 2,500 stories across the U.S. helping build a positive perception for boating. Our 2016 coverage also saw a 36% lift in reach, with more than 683 million media impressions targeting potential boat owners around the U.S.
Highlights from this year’s program, include:
  • Blogger Program: More than 65 parenting, lifestyle, travel and millennial influencers helped inspire readers to get on the water through personal boating stories. The 2016 program saw a 52% lift in reach from last year, plus bloggers drove more than 27,000 visits to DiscoverBoating.com—an important number given the campaign’s work to hand its website visitors off to manufacturer websites where they can shop.

  • Media Relations: This year’s highlights include Fox & Friends,  two Smithsonian.com articles –national parks and fall foliage by boat, and a Men’s Fitness online article.
  • Josh Norman:  A well-known NFL Redskins cornerback who appeals to a younger demographic and enjoys boating helped spread positive awareness for boating on top-tier national sports and consumer media outlets including the Wall Street Journal Online, ESPN, Bleacher Report and more generating 39 hits and reaching a potential of 279M+ people.

What’s the value of this PR?  Discover Boating’s PR program generated approximately $7.1 million in advertising value for print, online and broadcast coverage this year! Advertising value is the approximate cost of advertising space, and while not completely reflective of PR value, it does provide a look into how much it would cost to have similar exposure if the efforts were paid via advertising.

 What does this mean for my business? Discover Boating’s PR efforts help shine a positive light on boating through national and local media, while encouraging non-boat owners to consider boat ownership. The campaign allows our industry to reach a significant national audience—one that isn’t easily reachable by individual companies. What’s more, it helps attract these people to DiscoverBoating.com where they are then steered toward manufacturer websites to shop.
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If you have any questions regarding the Discover Boating public relations program please contact Colleen Richardson at [email protected].