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Jake Owen, country music star and avid boater, recently spent a day on the water with Discover Boating talking music and boating with fans and media. sat down with Jake to talk about his love of boating, how it influences his music and memories of growing up on the water. has a monthly online readership of 15 million people.
Here’s a quote from Jake about growing up boating with his Dad and how he’s sharing his love for the water with his daughter: "My first memories of being on a boat were when I was a kid before I could drive it myself," Owen says. "I would go with my dad and he'd let me sit in his lap. And I've got photos on my phone now of Pearl doing that with me, so through her I'm realizing now what I felt like as a was awesome."
Click here for the full story, as well as their ‘Boat Life’ photo gallery of Jake on the water.