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Sample LinkedIn and Facebook Posts for the 2018 American Boating Congress (sorted by issue)

Recreational Fishing

Passing the #ModernFish Act would provide a greater economic boost for states if boaters weren’t held back by outdated regulation on recreational saltwater fishing.


There’s a BIG economic impact behind a weekend on the water. Boaters invest $37 billion in recreational boats, engines, marine accessories and services each year.


Here’s what the Administration can do to protect boaters at the pump: Revise labeling requirements at gas stations for ethanol fuel blends exceeding 15 percent.


New tariffs on aluminum will limit domestic supply and drive up the costs used to manufacture more than 111,000 aluminum boats, such as pontoons and fishing boats, which make up 43% of new powerboat sales each year.


From the Atlantic, to the Pacific, and everywhere in between, the recreational boating industry supports over 650,000 jobs.

Sample Tweets for the 2018 American Boating Congress (sorted by issue)

Recreational Fishing

Act NOW! Urge Congress to pass the #ModernFish Act. Text FISH to 50457. #ABC2018 

Tell Congress: Pass the #ModernFish Act for better recreational fishing management. Text FISH to 50457. #ABC2018


The time is now to restore the flow of clean, fresh water to the Florida Everglades. #ABC2018

By protecting the Everglades, we can sustain a crucial habitat for endangered species. #ABC2018

Congress plays a big role in making sure boaters can get on the water. Why? There are over 2,000 federally managed lakes throughout the US. #ABC2018


Tell the @EPA to say NO to the year-round sale of E-15. #ABC2018

Boaters beware: Ethanol blends at 15% or higher destroy boat engines. #ABC2018

@EPA can approve innovation at the gas pump and protect boaters. #ABC2018


Aluminum tariffs present three blows that could threaten the stability of our industry and risk American jobs. #ABC2018

While American marine manufacturers purchase American aluminum, demand outpaces domestic production. #ABC2018


Made in the #USA – 95% of boats sold in the U.S. are American made. #ABC2018

10% tariff + another 60% tariff + potential retaliatory tarrifs = a higher cost for Made in the USA boats. #ABC2018

35,000 <- the number of marine businesses across America, the majority of which are small businesses. #ABC2018

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