The Engine Manufacturers Division of the NMMA voted to move forward with the Gasoline Protection Program during their meeting at IBEX in Tampa, Florida on October 1, 2019.  The official launch of the Gasoline Protection Program to boat owners is targeted for June 1, 2020. The EMD worked with the Center for Quality Assurance (CQA), a quality management and licensing firm, to define the program, and CQA will administer the program on behalf of the NMMA.

What are the next steps?

  • Interface with your OEM gasoline additive supplier, if applicable, to ensure testing is completed on P&A gasoline additives if you wish to include the NMMA certified logos on your product.  
  • Manufacturers are encouraged to include verbiage regarding the GPP® in a service bulletin or other announcement to their dealership network prior to the June 1, 2020 announcement.  
  • Operator’s guides, owner’s manuals, and/or service manuals could include information regarding the GPP® to better communicate the benefits and use of NMMA certified gasoline additive products.  

In preparation for the consumer launch of this program, engine manufacturers and boat builders may contact Scott Berry, Director of Engineering Standards for NMMA, for more information.  Gasoline additive manufacturers and marketers are invited to contact CQA by sending an e-mail to