How can I attend the Recreational Angling & Boating Reception? 

The Recreational Angling & Boating Reception is an opportunity to gather with fellow PAC donors, as well as meet Members of Congress and their staff to educate them on the top issues affecting the recreational boating community.  For questions on how to attend, please contact Erica Crocker at All attendees must fill out a prior approval form prior to attending. If you have not yet signed a prior approval form, please click here to do so. 

I was unable to participate in the ABC 2019 Webinar 4/25/19, was it recorded?
Yes!  The webinar was recorded and covered infomation about this year's agenda, priority issue areas, and best practices for being the most effective advocate, ensuring that ABC attendees will be ready to hit the ground running upon arriving in the nation's capital. 'CLICK HERE'  to view the presentation.

What is the dress code for the conference and Hill visits?
The dress code is business casual/business. Members of Congress and their staff are usually in business attire, so it is hard to be overdressed for a Hill visit. Keep in mind that the weather in May can be very warm and humid. You will also be walking from appointment to appointment, so wear comfortable shoes.

What are Concurrent Issue Workshops?
Concurrent issues workshops are interactive educational seminars focused on a single policy issue. These workshops take place along a timeline or “track” that you can tailor to suit your needs. You can customize your ABC experience by choosing to attend only the workshops for the issues that interest you most and are of the greatest importance to your business.

Where will my Hill visits be located?
Your Hill visits will be in the House and Senate office buildings. Specific offices within these buildings will be specified on your personalized itinerary that you will receive when you arrive at the conference. Download a PDF map of Capitol Hill here.

What do I need to bring to my Hill visit?
Bring plenty of business cards as well as the policy briefs for the issues you plan to discuss at your Hill visit. You will be provided with extra copies of these briefs at registration.  If there is a particular bill that you wish to discuss, know the bill name and number and if there is companion legislation in the other chamber.

Will I be required to go through a security screening?
Yes. You will be required to go through a security screening to enter the Capitol as well as the House and Senate buildings. Please allow extra time to go through security as lines can often build up during peak times.

What should I do after my Hill visit?
After your Hill visit, you should follow up with a quick thank you by email with the Member and/or staff that you met with while you were in Washington. Be sure to provide any additional information requested at this time. In the following weeks, you should follow up with the appropriate contacts on specific legislation or follow up items. One great way to keep your Member of Congress engaged is to invite him/her and their staff to your facility for a plant tour during the August Congressional recess when they are back in the district. NMMA staff are available to help you with preparations for a Congressional plant tour—just let us know!