Dept. of Commerce: Product exclusion possible for some on 10% aluminum tariff

Earlier this month, President Trump exercised his authority under section 232 of the Trade Expansion Act of 1962 to impose a 10% worldwide tariff on aluminum. As part of the announcement, the Administration has provided for an exemption process of certain types of aluminum  "not to be produced in the United States in a sufficient and reasonably available amount or of a satisfactory quality and is also authorized to provide such relief based on specific national security considerations.” Companies may apply for specific exclusion types if they use aluminum in their business practice and have proved sufficient need to meet the above criteria. More detail from the offiical announcement can be found HERE.

Marine manufacturers interested in applying for an exclusion for certain types of aluminum, for example wide width sheet (72” +), may find more information on the application process by CLICKING HERE.

This exemption process only applies to the 10% aluminum tariff announced earlier this month. Exemptions will be approved on a company and product specific basis. 

NMMA continues to actively work with the Administration and Congress on the potential side effects of aluminum tariffs on marine users. In addition to the 10% tariff under section 232 of the Trade Expansion Act described above, the Department of Commerce is expected to announce tariffs on Chinese aluminum sheet in the coming month. The exclusion process will not apply to any additional tariff announcements. There remains much uncertainty as to who will qualify for the exemption process but NMMA will continue to update you as the issue develops. For more information please contact Nicole Vasilaros at