NMMA Engages in International Trade Commission Hearing on Common Alloy Aluminum Sheet

The week of December 18th, John McKnight, Senior Vice President of Government Relations for NMMA, testified before the International Trade Commission ("ITC") in a hearing regarding imports of Common Alloy Aluminum Sheet ("CAAS"), a crucial issue for the recreational boating industry. If the Administration chooses, it could impose up to a 60 percent import duty on Chinese aluminum – a significant price burden on manufacturers. McKnight presented the Commission's staff with the perspective of NMMA's members and argued for the importance of diverse supply options for U.S. manufacturers. A copy of the hearing transcript is available through this link. Following the hearing, NMMA submitted a brief* to the ITC, which can be found here, which re-emphasized the importance of importing CAAS and the competitive pricing and significant presence of suppliers from other countries in the market.
The next step will be for the Department of Commerce ("DOC") to investigate specific exporters in China, and they will request information regarding pricing and alleged subsidies to calculate a tariff that will be applied to those exports. At the end of the DOC process, the ITC will reexamine the domestic industry.  NMMA will keep members updated as this case progresses and assist members in engaging in with the ITC during the next phase of the investigation.
Contact Nicole Vasilaros, Vice President, Federal and Legal Affairs, with questions: nvasilaros@nmma.org.
*Certain data relied upon in the brief reflect confidential business information and cannot be shared with individuals or entities that are not admitted to the agency's administrative protective order.