Join NMMA at 2017 Mini Trade Symposium in Miami

Following Great Britain’s exit from the E.U. and with a new administration entering the White House on January 20, many are asking, “What’s next for free trade agreements and trade overall?” Join the industry and network with colleagues on Wednesday, Feb. 15, from 2:00-7:00p.m. at NMMA’s 1st Mini Trade Symposium in Miami for an information-packed afternoon to learn more about what is on the horizon for international trade, followed by a networking cocktail hour.
The Symposium’s informational sessions include the following topics: what’s next for negotiation of many trade agreements; the newly formed White House National Trade Council (NTC); what it all means for your business; and how to ensure that your company remains compliant and competitive. The Symposium takes place at the Four Seasons Hotel Miami, followed by cocktail hour hosted in the offices of Robert Allen Law with panoramic views of Miami, just a few flights up from the Symposium. Registration is $25 for NMMA members and $35 for non-members. Click here to learn more and register today. Space is limited!