Manufacturing Day & why it matters - learn more from Correct Craft President/CEO

On October 7th, manufacturers across the U.S. will participate in Manufacturing Day. NMMA hopes you will join your peers in educating potential employees, community members and local legislative leaders about opportunities within the boating industry. Bill Yeargin, President and CEO of Correct Craft has been engaged with Manufacturing Day for a number of years and has this to say:

One of the biggest issues facing U.S. companies is the upcoming shortage of workers resulting from a growing economy and retiring baby boomers. Some estimate that the U.S. will experience a worker shortage of several million people by 2025. This will be a significant problem for the boating industry.

Manufacturers are particularly impacted by this shortfall because of the reputation manufacturing has in the minds of many. The truth is that manufacturing provides outstanding careers that pay well with good benefits in high tech workplaces.

If we want to avoid a significant problem, we need to get the word out about the attractiveness of careers in manufacturing. We need companies in the boating industry to join our Correct Craft companies in celebrating Manufacturing Day on Friday, October 7.

Each year we celebrate Manufacturing Day by bringing high school students to our facilities for a fun day of tours and information. The kids always leave excited about manufacturing and with a new career opportunity in mind.

I strongly encourage our industry to join us and host a Manufacturing Day event this year. To learn more about Manufacturing Day and find resources to help you please visit