A Look Back – 2015 Advocacy Success!

Welcome to 2016! As we usher in a new year, let’s take a moment to reflect on the advocacy successes of 2015. Together though grassroots work, lobbying and strengthening our relationships on Capitol Hill, we’ve made major strides to ensure a robust future for recreational boating.  And we couldn’t have done it without your commitment as a boating advocate!

So here it is, your TOP 20 Advocacy Victories!

  1. Staff meetings, member testimony and thousands of public comments led to the introduction of 9 pieces of new legislation calling for a reform to the Renewable Fuel Standard, a letter from 184 elected officials urging EPA to take action, and a final EPA ruling that set renewable volume obligations to levels lower than the legal mandates—preventing a massive flood of E15 into the marketplace.
  2. Reauthorized $600 million Sport Fish Restoration and Boating Trust fund as part of Highway Transportation bill for 5 years.
  3. Finalized Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement among 12 Pacific rim countries which achieved lower tariffs for recreational vessels, streamlined standards processes, and higher regulatory protections.
  4. Achieved boat specific language for a tailored Prop 65 warning in California.
  5. Reauthorized Ex-Import Banks until 2019.
  6. Enabled recreational vessel travel to Cuba.
  7. Passed legislation in House and Senate to fix model year definition.
  8. Passed legislation in House and Senate to update engine weight regulations in Coast Guard Reauthorization.
  9. Introduced legislation in House to prohibit implementation of marine reserve at Biscayne National Park. Had amendment added to House Sportsmen’s Act
  10. Finalized General Management Plan for Everglades National Park that reduced pole and troll zones and increased corridors for better visitor access.
  11. Delayed HFC-134 foam regulations for recreational craft until 2017.
  12. Secured Engine Manufacturers Division endorsement of isobutonol for recreational marine engines
  13. Presented before EU and US trade negotiators on inclusion of recreational craft in Trans Pacific Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP).
  14. Passed Magnusson Stevens Reauthorization bill in House.
  15. Secured endorsement letter of 5 state governors for Red Snapper solution.
  16. Merged with MRAA to form stronger BoatPAC.
  17. Raised $131,823.81 from 467 contributors of BoatPAC.
  18. Conducted first IBEX BoatPAC event that raised $13,225.00.
  19.  Added 21 new members to the Congressional Boating Caucus.
  20. Passed “Tax Extenders” package that make permanent tax breaks important to manufacturers such as R&D and bonus depreciation. 

While this list is long, there’s still more to be done. 2016 is a major election year so please keep your eyes open for more information soon on the 2016 Election Center, coming soon! And don’t forget, this year’s American Boating Congress is May 9-11, 2016 at the Renaissance Hotel in Washington, D.C. You won’t want to miss it!