SureShade celebrates National Manufacturing Day, attends Philadelphia Chamber Day

On October 7 in Washington, D.C., Dana Russikoff from SureShade participated in the Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce “Chamber Day”  alongside NMMA's vice president of federal and legal affairs, Nicole Vasilaros. The event includes businesses that have worked to support the growth of manufacturing and boating in Philadelphia.

Dana's attendance serves as recognition for her activie participation in the local boating community. She serves on the Board of Directors for the Delaware River City Corporation (DRCC) and has completed the Pennsylvania Environmental Council’s (PEC’s) Delaware River Ambassador Program. As a River Ambassador, she is focused on growing recreational boating on the Delaware River. Dana’s commitment to the boating industry expands nationally as a government relations advocate with the Boating United program supporting legislative issues affecting the boating industry.

On Friday, October 2, SureShade also participated in National Manufacturing Day, using social media to share the following important message:

"When you manufacture something, you create wealth. It's the only industry where you can take a piece of raw material, say aluminum, worth $2, perform a 5 min automated machining operation on it and turn it into something you can sell for $52, creating $50 of wealth that didn't exist before. It's what we do every day at our business - design, build and sell product. We identified a market need and built a product line to satisfy it. The reward? Impacting an industry (a fun one at that) and having this most fortunate opportunity to grow a business, align with an amazing hardworking team and create jobs. Manufacturing works, and once we bring the current and next generations up to speed on the skills needed to effectively use both their HANDS and their MINDS to make things that consumers are willing to pay for, I believe we will be on our way to rebuilding our middle class."

- Dana Russikoff, SureShade business leader & co-founder

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