NMMA Encourages Angling Advocacy Through Bass Anglers for Saltwater Conservation

NMMA is proud to announce its endorsement of Bass Anglers for Saltwater Conservation (BASC), a new intuitive online advocacy system for the fishing community. This convenient and easy to use tool allows anglers to write, call or tweet their legislators through prewritten engagements online. The official BASC site launch was announced on June 1st by B.A.S.S., and is intended to be of service to anglers nationwide. The website assists users with finding the correct legislators, and even sends action alerts for those who sign up for the newsletter.

Threats to the saltwater fishing industry, such as a lack of access to thriving fish stocks, can seriously endanger recreational fishing. BASC provides anglers with a defense against misguided policies which jeopardize the future of the industry.  “Recreational anglers need to speak up and protect their rights to fish, and BASC provides them with an opportunity to do just that” said NMMA President Thom Dammrich, in support of the new website. “I encourage all anglers to visit BASC and make your voices heard today.”

Challenges threatening saltwater fishing can quickly spread to freshwater beyond, endangering continued access to the sport. NMMA urges all anglers to visit BASC and show their legislators the importance of saltwater fishing.

For more information, please visit BassforSalt.com or email Contact@BassforSalt.com