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NMMA Board Participation

Marine manufacturers’ interests are broadly represented within NMMA by three divisions: boat manufacturers, engine manufacturers and accessory manufacturers. Each division is represented by a board of directors that addresses category-specific issues, provides direction and oversees initiatives that will positively impact both their group and the industry. NMMA Associate members, though not eligible for board participation, are actively involved in a number of committees, task force groups, and NMMA affiliate organizations.  

Boat Manufacturer Division (BMD) Board

The BMD consists of nearly 300 boat manufacturers representing the full spectrum of recreational boats, from rowboats and canoes to inboard cruisers and mega-yachts. BMD Board members lend their perspective and industry expertise to a broad range of activities impacting boating safety, product quality and long-term growth of the industry.

To learn more about the efforts of the BMD Board of Directors and how to participate in this group, please contact:

Thomas Marhevko
Vice President, NMMA Engineering Standards Department

Engine Manufacturer Division (EMD) Board

EMD members are businesses that manufacture marine propulsion engines and marine generators. The EMD Board consists of member representatives who actively participate in negotiations with Federal and State regulatory agencies and address marine industry issues including engine emissions, noise emissions, fuel issues, etc. The EMD is comprised of more than 40 businesses that have made significant advances in new cleaner, more efficient marine engine technology while protecting the rights of the manufacturers and consumer.

If you would like to learn more about the efforts of the EMD Board of Directors and potential participation with this segment, please contact:  

John McKnight
Director, Environmental & Safety Compliance

Accessory Manufacturer Division (AMD) Board

The AMD Board of Directors represents more than 700 diverse companies that manufacture marine equipment and materials used in the construction or upgrade of a boat or products used to enhance the boating experience. The majority of AMD members are small businesses that are active in other industries; many sell both domestically and internationally. The AMD Board of Directors addresses initiatives and programs that help accessory manufacturers succeed in the marine market. It is the goal of this group to unify accessory programs with other industry stakeholders.

For more information on this segment and the efforts on behalf of all marine component manufacturers, please contact:

Bryan Welsh
Director of Membership


NMMA Board of Directors

Elected members of the three divisional boards serve on the NMMA Board of Directors, ensuring that the interests of all member companies are represented in the oversight and direction of the association. The thirty-three representatives who serve on the Board of Directors provide industry leadership, establish and regulate association policy and procedures and help guide the programs and initiatives of NMMA. For a list of the current NMMA Board of Directors, please visit the Board of Directors page on this site.

If you would like to learn more about the business plan of the NMMA Board of Directors and potential participation, please contact:

Thomas J. Dammrich
President, NMMA

NMMA Affiliate Organization Boards

Membership in NMMA connects you with industry leaders and offers you the resources of a dynamic, responsive organization. It also opens the door to membership in our affiliate groups. Affiliates exchange industry news, resolve challenges and follow trends essential to the vitality of their specific businesses. Affiliate group participants benefit from the unified voice their organization presents on critical matters such as product standards, public policy advocacy, water access and regulatory issues. NMMA affiliates’ segment-specific annual conferences and educational workshops offer members opportunities for career growth and networking.

Each of NMMA’s dynamic affiliate organizations are guided by a segment-specific board consisting of industry experts and invested stakeholders. To learn about specific initiatives of the NMMA Affiliate groups and how they are guided by their related boards, please visit the Affiliates section of this site.

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