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What is a PAC?

A PAC is a group of individuals with common values and goals who combine their resources to financially support candidates running for public office. A PAC supports candidates that represent the interests and views of its members, in our case, NMMA members nationwide.

Why was NMMA BOATPAC organized?
NMMA Government Relations, on a bipartisan basis, seeks to support pro-business, pro-boating representatives in Congress. NMMA BOATPAC was organized to support candidates running for Congress that will represent and protect the collective interests of the recreational boating industry on Capitol Hill. The NMMA BOATPAC allows us to maximize our resources and speak with a unified voice in support of our industry.

Where do contributions to NMMA BOATPAC go?
The NMMA BOATPAC is funded solely by NMMA individual contributions and goes directly to campaigns of federal candidates who are supportive of the issues that are important to recreational boating.

Does NMMA BOATPAC support Republicans or Democrats?
NMMA BOATPAC is bipartisan; it supports candidates based on their record of support for the recreational boating community, not their political affiliation.

Do I really make a difference?
NMMA BOATPAC's strength comes from you and your commitment to your industry. Each individual NMMA BOATPAC supporter helps us stand together to promote and protect the recreational boating industry. No matter the amount, every dollar counts! 

Prior Approval Form

The Federal Election Commission requires member-companies of the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) to sign this enrollment form in order for you and executive or administrative personnel of your company to receive certain information or be solicited by BoatPAC, the association’s political action committee. 
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