New Marine Service Technology Academy Opens in Miami to Attract Workers

Today, a ribbon cutting ceremony signaled the official opening of the new Marine Service Technology Academy at Lindsey Hopkins Technical College in Miami-Dade, Florida. The Marine Service Technology Academy is a new certification program created through a partnership between the Miami-Dade Public Schools, The City of Miami (Commissioner Carollo) and the Miami Bayside Foundation (MBF) in which students receive technical training in inboard and outboard boat engine repair as well as boat electronics and plumbing, hull repair, and general boat maintenance. NMMA has worked closely with the team creating the new academy as part of its efforts to identify opportunities for the recreational marine industry to attract workers.

The new academy is a pilot program that gives students enrolled a unique opportunity to develop sailing and motorboat hands-on-experience both in and out of the water, generously provided by Shake-a-Leg. The Miami Bayside Foundation and County Commissioner Frank Carollo have provided the funds to cover the costs of tools and equipment necessary for the program. Additionally, the Miami Bayside Foundation has provided scholarship funds for students enrolled in the program who reside in the City of Miami. “Our goal with this program is to create opportunities by providing the students with a skill set that puts them in jobs in the marine industry in Miami”, says Kathleen Murphy, Executive Director of MBF.  Marine Service Technology Academy is part of MBF’s Educational Programs which focuses on providing financial support towards education in the City of Miami. For further information on MBF and its educational programs, visit