Florida Fish & Wildlife Commission Seeks Comments on Public Anchorage

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission (FWC) is asking for public comment on the pilot programs it has operated in multiple cities over the past three years.  A link to the 5-10 minute survey can be found here http://myfwc.com/Boating. Anchorage rights have become a contentious issue, with multiple coastal cities enacting very short anchorage times, some as short as seven days, after complaints from waterfront land owners.  The public’s input regarding the effectiveness of the pilot programs, as well as their comments on anchorage restrictions, will be very important as the FWC considers recommendations to legislators during the 2017 state legislative session.  The legislature is expected to consider laws restricting anchorage in 2017. For further information, contact David Dickerson, ddickerson@nmma.org.