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One of the greatest concerns facing the recreational boating industry today relates to the Renewable Fuel Standard, specifically the introduction of E15 into the marketplace. E15 is fuel that is 15 percent ethanol in volume. Read More

The Look Before You Pump Campaign goes under major refresh to more effectively educate boaters and other consumers
NMMA president participates in introduction of HR 703 and 704, two bills to reform the RFS, on Capitol Hill
NMMA meets with OMB to encourage lowering of the 2014 Renewable Volume Obligation to allow for E0 in the marketplace and prevent the breach of the blend wall
NMMA joins OPEI to support Look Before You Pump Campaign to educate boaters alongside other consumer groups
NMMA works with Congressman Harris to insert language into House appropriations instructing EPA to educate consumers on harmful effects of E15 in marine products
NMMA testifies to the EPA in favor of lowering the Renewable Volume Obligation thereby lowering the amount of ethanol required in the U.S. fuel market
NMMA distributes E15 warning labels to all members to heighten awareness
EPA decision permits sale of E15 fuel and approves its use in some newer cars but does not approve it for small or marine engines; no consumer educational efforts planned by EPA to prevent misfueling

Boating Access

Access to our nation’s waterways is of utmost importance to the recreational boating industry. NMMA works hard to ensure that conservation and resource management is balanced with robust access for boaters and anglers. Read More

NMMA and industry await next steps and revised plans from NPS
NMMA offers comments on final proposed Plan, providing NPS with additional recommendations to preserve boating access for future generations while weighing environmental implications
National Park Service releases supplemental draft of Plan, taking into account public comments and industry concerns with proposed closures
NMMA works closely with National Park Service through series of meetings to balance conservation and preserve access at Biscayne National Park
NMMA offers comments to National Park Service (NPS) regarding General Management Plan for Biscayne National Park opposing large-scale access bans and closures

Recreational Fishing

The recreational boating industry works closely with the angling and fishing community to ensure that the best interests of all are included in national and local policies. NMMA understands the need to protect resources while carefully balancing recreational access. Read More

NOAA presents Recreational Fishing Policy at Progressive Miami International Boat Show, offering a commitment to continued work on the policy with recreational fishing and boating communities
Industry consensus white paper presented at Progressive Miami International Boat Show
Morris-Deal Commission formed, joining members of the boating and fishing industries to develop recommendations for future policy
Concern grows regarding failure of Magnuson-Stevens Act to consider recreational fishing

Sport Fish Restoration & Boating Trust Fund

Boaters and anglers have a vested interest in protecting the nation’s waterways for future generations. They pay fees and taxes that support sport fish restoration and fund government-run environmental protection programs such as the Sport Fish Restoration and Boating Trust Fund. Read More

NMMA continues work to ensure the integrity of the SFRBTF in this year’s highway bill
Congress approves a clean extension of the SFRBTF until 4/31/15
Angling and Boating Alliance unveils its SFRBTF policy statement
NMMA hosts Congressional Boating Caucus briefing on the benefits of and need for a strong, vibrant SFRBTF
NMMA and its Angling and Boating Alliance partners begin work preparing for reauthorization