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Accessory Credit Group

The Marine Accessory Manufacturers Credit Association (MAMCA) is a long standing, mature credit discussion group consisting of credit and financial executives whose company’s manufacture marine accessories and components or supply product to the marine industry. Participation with MAMCA will help with establishing a strong credit line with your customers and enable your organization to:

  • Increase profit potential
  • Control past due balances
  • Reduce bad debt losses
  • Set up new accounts and monitor existing accounts with ease
  • Develop relationships with other credit and financial executives in the marine industry that are fighting the same daily battles as you
  • Obtain free legal advice and preferred rates from the MEMA Financial Services Group corporate attorney and licensed collection agency
  • Have a distinct advantage in the marketplace because of the information gathered at the meetings
  • Enjoy a solid return on investment as the information you obtain has the ability to save your company significantly more money then was spent on membership and meetings
NMMA and the Accessory Manufacturers Division (AMD) Board of Directors encourage NMMA component manufacturing members to learn about the resources and programs available through MAMCA. The program is a separate organization from NMMA with its own rules, regulations and annual contractual participation fee of $700. To learn more about the services of MAMCA you can download the program’s Fact Sheet and MAMCA Membership Application. To speak with the group’s administrator, please contact:
Dan Pike
General Manager and VP
MEMA Financial Services Group
dpike@memafsg.com or 919.406.8821
Currently, there are 23 active NMMA AMD members participating in the credit association and here is what they have to say…
I have personally been a member of this credit group for over 22 years, and find the information exchanged is very valuable and the low cost of membership is well worth it.
-       Pat Reynolds, Attwood Corporation, NMMA member since 1966
I have found exceptional value with lower cost than D&B or Experian contracts, references will come from the industry, people with firsthand experience who you can call. Early warning thru flash reports. One email can bring reference replies faster than sending out requests based on a customer credit application. References are unbiased and not limited to the customers three or four preferred vendors or friends!
-       Bob Delaney, Moore Company, NMMA member since 1996
If you would like to address any questions with a participating member, please contact Pat Reynolds, Credit Manager, Attwood Corporation, at patricia.reynolds@attwoodmarine.com / 616.897.2285.
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